You say…

Desert + man ….

Realm size (Please vote in this one if you are over 40%)

Heaven and Hell


2 responses to “You say…

  1. Will we ever see an Android version? That would be amazing. I know it would take time but yeah why not? I mean, there’s so many android users like myself who would love this as an android app.

    • Yes! Please make this available on Android. At the moment the ONLY reason I am keeping a Windows phone and we haven’t yet switched cell companies is because of THIS GAME.
      I loathe my Windows phone. There are NO USEFUL apps for it. My bank has discontinued their Windows support so I can no longer do mobile banking (which I need since my bank is not located in my state) and my fave Facebook game recently came out with an app so people can play while mobile, but, yep, you guessed it, NOT FOR WINDOWS.
      Within a week, my husband and I will be switching cell companies and I will be getting an Android based phone. We just can’t put it off any longer because we moved to the country and have almost no cell service here with our current carrier.

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