How to make…?

Please remember the main page for news and info on the game is here:

If you came here in the mobile version, please remember you can find the rest of the website by pressing the arrow on top and select ‘Pages’.

Please note Alchemic Extras 7 is out  which provides hints on request automatically. It’s free for a short time, so go get yours while it lasts !

Rules for asking help:

  • Ask one hint at a time !
  • NEVER EVER mention Elements in a reaction or what you tried already !
  • Use this page ONLY for requesting help when you are REALLY stuck and if you can’t find the hint on Alchemic Extras

Rules for HELPING: (yes lots of rules !)

  • NEVER EVER 🙂 mention an Element or even a synonym !
  • Never give hint for both part of a Reaction
  • Don’t give too easy hints !
  • When possible, try being obscure !! Where’s the fun otherwise ? 🙂

Thanks to EVERYONE who provides GOOD hints.


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