How to make…?

Please remember the main page for news and info on the game is here:

If you came here in the mobile version, please remember you can find the rest of the website by pressing the arrow on top and select ‘Pages’.

Please note Alchemic Extras 7 is out  which provides hints on request automatically. It’s free for a short time, so go get yours while it lasts !

Rules for asking help:

  • Ask one hint at a time !
  • NEVER EVER mention Elements in a reaction or what you tried already !
  • Use this page ONLY for requesting help when you are REALLY stuck and if you can’t find the hint on Alchemic Extras

Rules for HELPING: (yes lots of rules !)

  • NEVER EVER 🙂 mention an Element or even a synonym !
  • Never give hint for both part of a Reaction
  • Don’t give too easy hints !
  • When possible, try being obscure !! Where’s the fun otherwise ? 🙂

Thanks to EVERYONE who provides GOOD hints.

1,752 responses to “How to make…?

  1. I have everything necessary for Television, but don’t know how to continue. I’ve been at a snail’s pace for a while now, whilst simutaneously aiming for peat/coal, television, atom (far from it), and many others. Due to these vastly separate directions, I have a broad scope without much depth. Any hints as to what the other realm (other than fire) or group of elements is needed to acquire Television or any other aforementioned elements would be greatly appreciated.

    • P.S. I do take into account the rather large time difference between this post and the eleventh preceeding it. (that is, the one before the one before… this one) But I’m posting this
      ANY WAY.
      (or is it anyway?)
      any ways?

    • Well just think about about the kind of tv set that are coming up Today especially the slim flat screen tv. That particular thing u shall get in fire realm. Mix it with glass and baam! U hv television

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