A few clarifications on questions you might have. Feel free to post questions in the comments section too.

How is this different from other Alchemy games ?

  • Every reaction, from the first one, has been invented from scratch. Most other games just take the old game or a future reincarnation and just make a copy and paste
  • It is huge, but we’re not just piling up every element we can. Quality is important too
  • It’s a 100% free, the whole 1000+ elements.
  • If something doesn’t mix, but you think it should, you can send a suggestion right away.
  • If something mixes, but you don’t agree, you can come here and complain
  • Its interface was built from scratch using Windows Phone Metro. It wasn’t stolen (like some other -cough- game) or ported.
  • There are a few big scoring ‘Prizes’ which can require more thinking

Is this scientific ?

  • The reactions can be of  different types and combination of them:
    • scientific (like a physics law or chemical reaction)
    • wacky / funny
    • everyday events or historical ones
    • lateral thinking (linked words, etc)
    • plain combination (Sand+Storm=Sandstorm)
      These ones are a bit boring sometimes, I’m trying to replace them with more engaging ones

This Man + …, or Building + …, etc should obviously give ….

  • When possible, I’ve tried avoiding using the most generic element to react. Especially with Man, Building and similar generic stuff, there could be hundreds of reactions, most of them are uninteresting and aren’t included in the game, otherwise it would become really too big.
    On the other hand, if it’s a funny/interesting or simply needed reaction, you should find it there. As usual, send a suggestion if you feel like it.
    Just remember Man + Blowtorch obviously could give Welder, but there is no need for a Welder in the game at the moment, so it doesn’t react.

Where’s my [Knife/Tin/Amphibian/etc] ?? or…
I never found  [Knife/Tin/Amphibian/etc], but I see it in one Reaction

  • As the element count rises and suggestions come in, sometimes there are better, funnier or simply more logical ways to obtain some stuff. In order not to screw game progress (% and score) for those updating, some reactions are simply replaced with the new version, which usually involves two different reagents and the same result.
    This can however rarely have the effect of you missing an element you discovered, but you got one in place of it ! For example some stuff that was made with ‘Weapons’, now it’s made with ‘Knife’, which was introduced with an update. After that update, you keep the result of Weapons + X, but now the reaction is Knife + X, although you haven’t found Knife yet ! (what are you waiting for ? look for it ! hehe)
    Anyway, it’s the best way to update and it should happen rarely enough.

I already have the Target Element of the Day ??

  • That should happen only if you play the game, get your Target shown and then update it to the new version the same day. Next day you’ll have a new one

 The suggest button doesn’t work !

  • It works, you just need to press it right after you failed the reaction.

I’ve sent you a suggestion but it was never added to the game !

  • First let’s put this into perspective: at the moment I get around 300 suggestions a day.
    That said, here are a the possible reasons why a suggestion is not included:
    • The element is already in the game, with a better reaction or one that is functional to the rest of the game. This usually happens if you start sending suggestions right away, like the classic ‘Earth’ + ‘Air’ = Dust.
    • The element is not particularly useful or the reaction interesting. Stuff like Man + Blowtorch = Welder and Star + Fish = Starfish are ‘correct’, but if I don’t have a further use for ‘Starfish’, I’m not adding it, otherwise the game would explode. If later on I’ll have a use for ‘Starfish’ I’ll insert it, that’s why I’m keeping all the suggestions (can search email folder later) and why you should suggest further reactions if you have them.
    • At 1200 elements, it’s sometimes impossible to fit something in the game tree, it could spoil some other reaction.

 The hint ! I want more hints !

  • hehehe, yes I bet you want. But the best part of the game isn’t in the guessing or discovery, but in the logic that leads you there. Check the scoring system for a few hints, look at the special score elements and try to track back to what you have.
    Coming up: small suggestion hint

Images ! I want element images !

  • I understand, but drawing 1000+ icons isn’t feasible at the moment. If a good graphic is willing to suicide and partecipate in the game, feel free to contact me

You have a strange way of talking for being a girl ! 🙂

  • I’m a guy ! 🙂 I’m Italian, and here Andrea is a male name !

40 responses to “Questions

  1. Is there a list of how many points each element is worth? I see the prompts to discover something big, and it suggests what to find, but I’ve no idea what other ‘big ticket’ items are out there.

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