‘Ello, I wish to register a complaint !

If a reaction how it is now doesn’t work for you, you think something doesn’t belong to a realm, or a general problem with the game, please leave a comment here.

Please check the ‘Questions’ page first


112 responses to “‘Ello, I wish to register a complaint !

  1. There is a problem with Numberlinks puzzle 69. There seem to be multiple solutions and in the 3-4 I have done, the puzzle never becomes solved. I have linked all numbers, occupied all squares and no links cross. I also emailed with the screenshot.

  2. When ice is put with fire, you get steam, but I have read a very good series called the Last Dragon Chronicles and one of the bold is called Icefire. I think that this should be the answer

  3. Had some random inspiration…
    Rope + Pressure = Tightrope (Ancient Tech)
    Tightrope + walking = tightrope walker (Profession)
    Tightrope walker + Crime = Philippe Petit (People)
    Philippe + Building = Notre Dam, Sydney Harbour, The World Trade Center (Places)

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