‘Ello, I wish to register a complaint !

If a reaction how it is now doesn’t work for you, you think something doesn’t belong to a realm, or a general problem with the game, please leave a comment here.

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108 responses to “‘Ello, I wish to register a complaint !

  1. I paid for Alchemic Extras 7 last night. Two problems: 1) it won’t install (error 80070091). 2) I have lost all progress multiple times since purchase, with no issue in the few weeks prior to purchase.

    I have a Nokia Lumia 635 on T-Mobile with all current updates. I have tried installing over 3 wifi networks and cellular data, have cleared caches and done a soft reset of the phone. None of these helped.

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  3. Bug: Trying to send a suggestion or tap “Contact Us” immediately leaves the app and shows the home screen. It doesn’t look like anything has been sent.

    – Select a reaction that has no effect and tap the + button
    – Quickly tap the suggest icon
    – Enter some text and tap “Send Suggestion”
    The app’s screen disappears and the last-shown Home screen shows instead. The app is still listed in open apps when you double-tap the Home button.

    iPad mini (model MD531LL/A)
    iOS 9.3.5

    (P.S. This is the same as the report entered via the Contact Support Form on your main site.)

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