Absolutely busy !

… with my desktop work ! Can barely find time to check the comments… update coming in the next months !


Back from the Holidays !

as some of you probably noted, I have been away for a while not answering posts or comments, we tend to have quite long summer holidays here in Italy !

As for now, I’ll try to take a look and answer regularly to comments or emails, although I have a bit of a tight schedule… and of course keep updating Alchemic


Spiffy Live Tiles Part 2

Ok, quick update on what’s going on:

* Spiffy Live Tiles.
The one tested in the last few days, will be available as a bonus with the ‘Extras’, for those who want to buy it (cost: 1$). For all the others, you still get the normal Live Tile and everything else you’ve had so far with the ‘Trial’.

* Live Tiles reliability
I think
I’ve improved Live Tiles reliability somewhat. At least I hope, it’s not easy to deal with them, mobile operators and Microsoft bugs.

* Wide Live Tiles at the study
I’ve started working on double-wide live tiles


* Elements
I’m lagging a bit with new suggestions and reactions, but they will come in a short while

Logic Games

To everybody in the US enjoying Alchemic Phone 7, I’ve put out a new game ‘Logic Games’, there is the post under this, which you might have seen.

PLEASE can you try to download it and leave a positive review on the Marketplace ? I’ve got positive 5 stars feedback from everywhere apart from the US, where people seem not able to appreciate the game.

It’s a bit annoying having just a couple of users who had a bad day and left random negative feedback as it drags the game and months of work into the trash…

The link to download it is here: http://bit.ly/qtV8gb

Link to vote your fav game: http://bit.ly/qNV3NH





[rant ended]

(edit: I’ve realized what I’m forced to do for major updates and new games. I’ll have to lock the release for the US for some weeks, until until the version is 101% correct. So if you will see some delay over there, please understand I can’t do otherwise, because of the nature of US reviews)