Houston, we’ve got Tsunamis

The amount of suggestions that got in since the game came out is terrific, also it seems from the steadly climbing app rank , that people really dig the game.

On the other hand it’s becoming a tad hard to read through so many suggestions when there are so many ways to do Tsunamis 🙂 . For these three elements I’ve added a warning that there are ways to do it already in the game:

– Tsunami

– Sandstorm

– Life


This would work better if…

If you have some issues with a reaction as it is now, or just an idea on how to make it work better, please leave a comment. Otherwise…great, enjoy the game 🙂

[EDIT] created a dedicated page about alternative reactions

oh, by the way, update coming up

Voting for best April game ends today !

New Realms ?

If we keep getting all the -VERY GOOD- suggestions as we are now (in the weekend I’ll try to answer to those that I still haven’t), we might be forced to add a few realms, in order to not overcrowd the existing ones. What do you think ?

We already had in mind to split (minor spoiler for starters) Tools & Products and add something like ‘Transport’…

Any ideas ?


Thanks to every one who sent in suggestions. I’m approaching 300 and two days haven’t gone by yet !

I started reviewing them as they came in, but that became confusing to say the least.
I’m now answering right away the most peculiar ones and review them all after a couple of days or more. I’ll also try to answer to as many as possible of you.

[very late edit] by the way, anybody has an idea how to make a “Circle” or “Void” ?

Found it !