Leaderboard !!

Yes, now you can prove your Reactions to the world ! It’s in here:

 Leaderboard !

and from the page at the top.

Feel quite free to comment on that, it’s a first version and can be improved.

What do you think ?


(edit: we can’t add Big points for that too, also for technical reasons. Anyway, on a scoring standpoint, I think ‘random’ guessing is already ‘punished’ by the fact that you have very low probabilities of hitting the Target Element of the Day, which yields big points !)

And a few questions with the new update:

By the way, anybody has an idea how to obtain ‘Door’ ?


New features

What do you think ?

Prizes and Thematic Realms (please vote !)

There are quite a lot of suggestions and ideas that are very funny and generate rare stuff, elements that are quite strange, but mostly won’t react anymore with anything.

For these, we could create a separate ‘Prizes’ realm (or how to call it ?). These elements would yield big points but once obtained keep themselves out of the game.

Of course once someone comes up with a good way to combine those, we can move out of that realm, the game update system allows to do that.

Your take on this ?


On a different subject, but probably even more interesting is the future addition of  ‘thematic’, optional realms. Like a package system (thanks Fabian) but already included in the game, you can add / remove very specific realms, that will include all the stuff pertaining to a topic.

A few examples could be (please vote your favs)

(some explanations)

– Mithology, with people,events and places. For those that study it or know it well

– Movies (and TV ?). Name or theme of the movie naturally

– Songs. Where you react two elements that hint to the title or lyrics or maybe the band

– Comics, with all the characters. If you’re a fan you would try to find them all.

– Really tough science. Yes, Augusto, that’s for Karst (Carsismo) and Emily, for real Limestone 😀

And so on ?

New Scoring System

This is the new scoring system that  is coming with the next update. What do you think ? The scoring can be altered later, the ‘points’ are not saved, but calculated

Basic realm element discovery: +10
More advanced realms element discovery: +20 / + 40
Discovering a new Realm: +100
Reaction discovery = +5
Implement a suggestion = +300 (in the leaderboards)
Hint = -25
Wrong combination = -0.1 (on hold for now)
Key elements: +100/+1000

Atomic Energy;150












Mad Programmer;500








Discovery of Americas;250

Man on the Moon;250


Stone Age;100

Industrial Age;100

Somebody mentioned a timer too… that’s sound cool !