Split Animals ?

As the Animal Realm is quite big… what do you say ?


In the future I see…

overcrowded Realms ?

In any way, the game keeps getting bigger, so let’s put out some ideas and see what you think.


Suggestions keep coming in…

and the game keeps becoming bigger.

I started sifting through suggestions more aggressively, but most are way too good/funny to be left out. So…

(ok, ok, poll closed splitted !)

By the way, the update is out, one more coming up !

New Realms

I’m working on adding Landforms and Life Realms.

For the Landforms icon, I think the Mountain that is now on Earth should work, so I have to replace it.

Old Earth

Old Earth

New Earth

New Earth


Realms restructuring

Besides the fact that some elements can be rearranged to more correct realms, I’m still looking into adding a few realms to fit them better and to make it easier to find them.

Updated ! 700+ Elements ready for you to discover

… and that’s not all

  • Random Target Element of the Day
  • More hint modes
  • Restructured some elements to make them more fun
  • Better Reactions page
  • Better Suggestion mode
  • Four new Realms, scrollable
  • We’ve got enough Tsunamis mode 🙂
  • More custom scoring elements

… and more to come !

Updated the % poll in the sidebar, you’ll have to work again to go beyond 50% !

Please keep leaving comments in the website if possible, I’m struggling to keep up with emails 🙂

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