This would work better if…

If you have some issues with a reaction as it is now, or just an idea on how to make it work better, please leave a comment. Otherwise…great, enjoy the game 🙂

[EDIT] created a dedicated page about alternative reactions

oh, by the way, update coming up

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Broke 500

just broke the 500 elements mark,actually 525. I think I will take a break now and take care of reorganizing them.. Of course one could go on over 1000 easily, but I prefer making less stuff more interesting.

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Thanks for all who voted, we’re reaching top spot ! (voting ends 8th of May)

Scientific ? Scientific what ??

Ok, the general idea of the game is to entertain, but also striking a balance between having fun and scientific accuracy.

Meaning it shouldn’t require you to be Zichichi   (hello !) to play it, but should provide a logical/scientific path all the same.