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Back on track and freezing bug

Ok, after a hectic week with problems publishing “Logic Games” I can go back to Alchemic.

Please note I’ve found a bug (thanks John): if you enable ‘Roll Realms’ and ‘Don’t loop Realms’ in the settings together, you will get an apparent freeze on Realm open. I’m posting an update where you can’t enable both together. For now you can ‘unfreeze’ it by scrolling the place where elements should appear.

And thanks to everybody downloading Logic Games and rating it ! It’s back on track on the US market

…Puzzled ?

Logic Games 

For all you puzzled Alchemists, I’ve released a new game, if you like Alchemic Phone 7, check out this set of FREE puzzle games.

 Logic Games (Free)

Train your brain with 10 different types of modern Puzzle Games !

Progress through increasingly difficult puzzle levels and game size, and when stuck,
take advantage of the Hints to keep going !

This aims to be the ideal companion for summer holidays, with enough variety that you’re sure to find at least one game you’ll love.

PARKS • Plant the Trees. But not too close !

SNAIL • 1,2,3…1,2,3…Follow the Trail

SKYSCRAPERS • Find the Skyline !

TENTS • Each camper wants his shade. But his privacy too !

ABC • It’s easy as ABC. Well, almost !

BATTLESHIPS • Play solo Battleships. No peeking !

NURIKABE • Walls and Gardens. Well, actually just one Wall and many Gardens

HITORI • Shady numbers

LIGHTEN UP • Lighten your room, but not the light bulbs !

MAGNETS • Respect the attraction. And the repulsion !

Can’t stand Sudoku ? Or actually, maybe you love it, but you’re looking for a change ?
These puzzle games are a lot more entertaining and enjoyable, providing similar
mental exercise.


• Pinch Zoom and Drag for big puzzles

• Auto-save game and quick resuming

• 170 puzzles and more to come

• In-game rules and solved example

• Timed Hints every 2 minutes

• Optional Note-taking inside tiles to help solving more complex puzzles

• Black theme for AMOLED battery saving

Have fun !

More games coming up !


Marketplace Link: Click HERE

Vote your game: http://bit.ly/qNV3NH

Let me know if you liked it (of course in reviews too !)

So now I can go back full time to Alchemic Phone 🙂 … well almost !