New features

What do you think ?


Updated ! 700+ Elements ready for you to discover

… and that’s not all

  • Random Target Element of the Day
  • More hint modes
  • Restructured some elements to make them more fun
  • Better Reactions page
  • Better Suggestion mode
  • Four new Realms, scrollable
  • We’ve got enough Tsunamis mode 🙂
  • More custom scoring elements

… and more to come !

Updated the % poll in the sidebar, you’ll have to work again to go beyond 50% !

Please keep leaving comments in the website if possible, I’m struggling to keep up with emails 🙂

Updated [new elements]. New Realms coming up !

Finally squished the radioactive bug and passed 1.3 to the marketplace.

A whole bunch of new elements too !

In the next version, I’m going to split “Events & Places” and “Tools & Technology”, so I can keep adding the suggestions from players. I’m also separating elements in a “Transportation” realm, to organize it better.

Lastly, adding the ‘Prizes’ realm, for very wacky, non reacting further, elements ! In other word, it’s a catch-all for all those funny reactions which aren’t key to the game and can be obtained only if you look at things from a particular angle.

Feel free to leave comments about the new realms, before I actually produce the update.

Do you think the hint system should cycle hints more often ?