Alchemic Extras !!!

Finally after a very long work, Alchemic Extras have been published !

(Please don’t forget to review it !)

Promotional FREE launch ! Alchemic Extras 7 will become a paid app in the future

Alchemic Extras 7 is a separate app that you can download from the Marketplace (click here), coupled with the last version of Alchemic Phone 7 (out now) gives you these new cool features:

– Live Tile
with score, game progress and leaderboard position

– Online Backup
Afraid to lose your 1000+ elements found ? Sleep well, got you covered

– Extended Riddle Hints
Once a day, you can ask a riddle hint for an Element !

Please note these are online services which require a network connection on your phone. Also please read the troubleshooting section for Live Tiles if you have problems with them.

Enjoy and let us know what you think !

[PLEASE NOTE:  if Live Tile doesn’t work when enabling it, try to reboot the phone and re-enable it. (Microsoft fault 🙂 )

If you have problems with Live Tiles please follow this instructions:

* Reboot the phone

* Pin Alchemic Phone 7 to the start screen

* Open Alchemic Extras 7. Disable and re-enable Services with the switch

* Open Alchemic Phone 7. Post your score online, if you haven’t done it already

* Go into World Page. Tap the gift icon and open the Live Tile page. Disable and re-enable Live Tile there with the switch

* After 30 minutes maximum you should see your score on the Live Tile. From now on you can just post your score online.

* Please note Live Tiles update every 3 hours to save battery


(Volume slider added !)