… managed to update the game !

Thanks everybody for sending suggestions and comments. I’ve had barely time to check the suggestions so I developed a tool that sorts and aggregates them to quickly find the best ones.

For the comments in here, again, I hope I might be able to check them more often. If you have something important to communicate, send an email, please. For now, enjoy the update !


Updated ! 700+ Elements ready for you to discover

… and that’s not all

  • Random Target Element of the Day
  • More hint modes
  • Restructured some elements to make them more fun
  • Better Reactions page
  • Better Suggestion mode
  • Four new Realms, scrollable
  • We’ve got enough Tsunamis mode 🙂
  • More custom scoring elements

… and more to come !

Updated the % poll in the sidebar, you’ll have to work again to go beyond 50% !

Please keep leaving comments in the website if possible, I’m struggling to keep up with emails 🙂

Houston, we’ve got Tsunamis

The amount of suggestions that got in since the game came out is terrific, also it seems from the steadly climbing app rank , that people really dig the game.

On the other hand it’s becoming a tad hard to read through so many suggestions when there are so many ways to do Tsunamis 🙂 . For these three elements I’ve added a warning that there are ways to do it already in the game:

– Tsunami

– Sandstorm

– Life

Broke 500

just broke the 500 elements mark,actually 525. I think I will take a break now and take care of reorganizing them.. Of course one could go on over 1000 easily, but I prefer making less stuff more interesting.

Please remember to vote for best April game here:

Thanks for all who voted, we’re reaching top spot ! (voting ends 8th of May)

The Wheel !

The single most annoying element I’m struggling with is the wheel. I don’t like how it’s generated right now: it’s both too simple and not extremely logic.

If you have ideas, please post them in the comments.

A big thanks in the (upcoming) credits in exchange for an alternative solution… hehe

… Somebody just said

Man + Movement !

(edit: we might have found a good reaction ?)

[edit 2: ok, we can go for both]