Back on track and freezing bug

Ok, after a hectic week with problems publishing “Logic Games” I can go back to Alchemic.

Please note I’ve found a bug (thanks John): if you enable ‘Roll Realms’ and ‘Don’t loop Realms’ in the settings together, you will get an apparent freeze on Realm open. I’m posting an update where you can’t enable both together. For now you can ‘unfreeze’ it by scrolling the place where elements should appear.

And thanks to everybody downloading Logic Games and rating it ! It’s back on track on the US market


Updated !

Updated to v 1.13

– Tons of new Elements
– Couple of new Realms
– Fixed Leaderboard score posting
– A few tweaks
– Some preparations for the next big update !

Enjoy !

Updated [new elements]. New Realms coming up !

Finally squished the radioactive bug and passed 1.3 to the marketplace.

A whole bunch of new elements too !

In the next version, I’m going to split “Events & Places” and “Tools & Technology”, so I can keep adding the suggestions from players. I’m also separating elements in a “Transportation” realm, to organize it better.

Lastly, adding the ‘Prizes’ realm, for very wacky, non reacting further, elements ! In other word, it’s a catch-all for all those funny reactions which aren’t key to the game and can be obtained only if you look at things from a particular angle.

Feel free to leave comments about the new realms, before I actually produce the update.

Do you think the hint system should cycle hints more often ?

Radioactive bug

Hey, quick update. Sorry for those that got hints about ‘Radiation’ but couldn’t find it. It’s fixed in the next update coming out in a couple of days, just keep looking for something else in the meantime.