And hopefully this section will remain empty from now on 🙂


(Thanks John): if you enable ‘Roll Realms’ and ‘Don’t loop Realms’ in the settings together, you will get an apparent freeze on Realm open. I’m posting an update where you can’t enable both together. For now you can ‘unfreeze’ it by scrolling the place where elements should appear.


41 responses to “Bugs

  1. My 8 year old son loves your game, however, it’s brought him to tears on the few occasions that he’s come close to finishing. Once, he was one away from completion and he got a white screen of death. Everything he’d done, he says, was gone. It’s heartbreaking for him. Is he doing something wrong or is there a way to save your progress?

    We have the ipad version if that helps.

  2. I found a fix for losing progress due to win updates.
    In main menu, just enter settings and select for statistics. It will take much longer than usual but will fix the progress

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