Play big ! Alchemic phone comes to the iPad (and iPhone)

Hi guys,

After loads of requests and encouragements to port Alchemic Phone to the iPad and iPhone, I finally did it !

Free as always, you can now play on “the big screen” and also have your iPhone friends enjoy the game too. I think they have been teased enough after a year 🙂

You can find it on the AppStore here:
Download free from the AppStore

Keep in mind that having more players (from iOS) will allow me to devolve more time to update the game, on WP as well, and keep it growing.
So, please consider downloading and rating it positively on the iPad/iPhone, even if you already enjoyed it on Windows Phone !

Remember, five stars keep the game growing and evolving !



10 responses to “Play big ! Alchemic phone comes to the iPad (and iPhone)

  1. I’ve played this on a friend’s phone and have also played your logic games. I love all of them! The best I’ve played anywhere! I was wondering if you ever had plans to release any of them for the Android?

  2. Very nice game! Found it thanks to Logic Games, and they’re both awesome. Just one little request, could you also port the Alchemic Extras for iPhone? It sometimes get sooo tough and the “How to make” section Serna a little dead

    • Try WiFi and a chill pill @janereads. These are lovely games that use standard logic for the average human. Not everybody cares about scientific accuracy in a FREE GAME.

      • It’s not meant to be the game equivalent of a textbook, but something that involves using logic to create new elements rather than just read and memorise

  3. Android version plc?

    I used to have this on windows phone but it broke and I moved to android really miss this one app, I’ve searched for alternative alchemic games but they just haven’t been of the same quality. Downloaded the .xap file and searched like crazy for a way to run the damned thing on android. If you would port it you’d make my day

  4. Hi, is there any chance this game will be available on Android? I played it lots on my old windows phone and loved it but now I have an Android one and can’t play it! I got to 63%, really wanted to finish my world Oo the other Alchemy games for Android really aren’t as good… pleeeeeease!!! 🙂

  5. I have to say, love your alchemy game. I played it years ago on my windows phone 7 but have since been using android phones and missing it profusely. I see you’ve added Apple support and was wondering if there’s any plan to patch for android. As it is, I’m trying to work with windows phone emulators on my pc. Once again, great game, no complaints.

    • Any emulator you can recommend? I’d need one too, haven’t played this since I had windows phone

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