… managed to update the game !

Thanks everybody for sending suggestions and comments. I’ve had barely time to check the suggestions so I developed a tool that sorts and aggregates them to quickly find the best ones.

For the comments in here, again, I hope I might be able to check them more often. If you have something important to communicate, send an email, please. For now, enjoy the update !


3 responses to “Finally…

  1. I’ve played the game on a friend’s phone and I love it! Unfortunately it is not available on the Marketplace for Brazilian accounts so I can’t play on my own phone. Is there a way I can have it? Thank you, and keep up the great work!

      • Thats too bad… Just bought Alchemic Extras 7 now, but cant do anything with it because Alchemic Phone 7 is still not available. The worst part is that the Brazilian marketplace is flooded with apps of doubtful quality, while the good ones stay out. I really hope this will change soon.

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