Split Animals ?

As the Animal Realm is quite big… what do you say ?


6 responses to “Split Animals ?

  1. I just want you to know that I voted “Maybe not” because if you split the realm, you will have an odd number of realms, except if you’re considering splitting another realm. Second reason is that I don’t see a real disadvantage in having a large animal realm… You already have 3 realms that are in the 80’s and it’s not that bad… Have you had any complaints about that?

    • thanks a lot, that’s more useful that 50 votes. I too believe that even at around 100 elements, realms are manageable, anyway the game is very big now and I hope everybody can accept that.
      I got a few reports it can be annoying to browse through it, so when I was thinking to add another realm (surprise 🙂 ) I thought to make realms even in number with this.
      But actually… I’m thinking about not adding any at all, just add craploads of elements 🙂 !

  2. Well, I just voted to split it – and I understand that would be an odd number of realms, but then I would suggest also splitting something else – either food and drink (it has 2 items in it’s name and is going to be a big one) or maybe people – like to divide the proper names from the generic or something. But no matter what you end up deciding the game is awesome (and totally addictive – I have tried Logic Games, which is great too, but I am always drawn back to this one).,

    • I’ve tried a lot of configurations, splitting many stuff. In the end, it’s very hard to put something in the right realms and at times I think people would look in ‘the other one’ of the splitted ones…

      anyway, thanks for Logic Games ! I think my focus will shift there in the short time

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