Spiffy Live Tiles Part 2

Ok, quick update on what’s going on:

* Spiffy Live Tiles.
The one tested in the last few days, will be available as a bonus with the ‘Extras’, for those who want to buy it (cost: 1$). For all the others, you still get the normal Live Tile and everything else you’ve had so far with the ‘Trial’.

* Live Tiles reliability
I think
I’ve improved Live Tiles reliability somewhat. At least I hope, it’s not easy to deal with them, mobile operators and Microsoft bugs.

* Wide Live Tiles at the study
I’ve started working on double-wide live tiles


* Elements
I’m lagging a bit with new suggestions and reactions, but they will come in a short while


5 responses to “Spiffy Live Tiles Part 2

  1. Hi. I just started playing tonight
    I installed the companion and tried to follow the instructions bit I dont know where to find the “live tiles” or leaderboards….sorry
    ..i am new to windows phone and Xbox live and hope I can find an answer here! Btw, I think the game is world class and will say so iin my review! Thanks!

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