Logic Games

To everybody in the US enjoying Alchemic Phone 7, I’ve put out a new game ‘Logic Games’, there is the post under this, which you might have seen.

PLEASE can you try to download it and leave a positive review on the Marketplace ? I’ve got positive 5 stars feedback from everywhere apart from the US, where people seem not able to appreciate the game.

It’s a bit annoying having just a couple of users who had a bad day and left random negative feedback as it drags the game and months of work into the trash…

The link to download it is here: http://bit.ly/qtV8gb

Link to vote your fav game: http://bit.ly/qNV3NH





[rant ended]

(edit: I’ve realized what I’m forced to do for major updates and new games. I’ll have to lock the release for the US for some weeks, until until the version is 101% correct. So if you will see some delay over there, please understand I can’t do otherwise, because of the nature of US reviews)


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