Houston … Alchemic Phone 7 has a problem !

Long story short: the new WP7 platform is not very reliable in the backstage. Due to
multiple problems with the marketplace (Microsoft even sent me a handwritten apologies note ! Unbelievable !), while the game is doing fine (it’s the 3rd best rated worldwide !), it’s also falling down in raking, which means it’s losing visibility.

The worst part about this is that, if the game falls down too much, it won’t be feasible for me to keep updating it, adding new elements and generally support it. Please remember it’s free and I do it in my spare time !

In order to help, you can do either of these things:

  • Tell your friends about the game and ask them to install it.  It won’t cost them anything and it will make Alchemic Phone 7 climb the rankings !
  • Have a spare phone ? Or a friend’s phone handy ? 🙂 Install Alchemic Phone 7
  • Share the word online or not, the more people know about the game, the better it will be, naturally
  • Upvote us on Reddit here (click). If you don’t have an account, it takes a second to register (it’s free) and it’s also an interesting website ! Upvoting means pressing the up arrow and expressing preference, but you can also leave a comment.

Thanks a lot for supporting Alchemic Phone 7 !!


Helping it means I will be able to spare enough time to add elements and new stuff, like the upcoming version with:

  • Live Tile

  • Online backup

  • Riddle Hints

If you’re interested on what caused the marketplace problems, please email me.

Thanks again.


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