Suggestions keep coming in…

and the game keeps becoming bigger.

I started sifting through suggestions more aggressively, but most are way too good/funny to be left out. So…

(ok, ok, poll closed splitted !)

By the way, the update is out, one more coming up !


3 responses to “Suggestions keep coming in…

  1. Splitting tech in three ways: Stone or Ancient / Medieval / Modern is an excellent idea. However for the moment being I’m trying not to add too many realms, but it can be implemented later on !

  2. I would say I only have one concern for that idea. If you say put something in the “Stone Tech” category, and it can be used to make something in the “Modern Tech” (or visa versa) category it might be difficult to line them all up so that they make sense. Not that I am against it, I like / agree with all the realm splits you have done thus far. I could better explain what I mean but I don’t want to give away a bunch of things.

    • I’m trying to split stuff in a pre-modern and modern era (let’s say 1400 as the splitting year). So far it looks intuitive enough to me, but I can always post an update and you flood me with insults and we go back to one single tech realm !

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