Yyaaaaawn !

Man, the certification is slow this week !
[update] Published !

Notable changes:
• Spindle is a lot easier
• Atomic energy is harder but more accurate

Anyway, seems a lot of people are interested in a “Multiple save game” mode which can allow your friends to play the game with their own path.

This obviously triggers an issue: scoring. If you can have multiple savegames, hints penalties, scoring and generally your gameplay can be inconsistent from someone who plays only one game.

So, just checking, would you be interested in an OPTIONAL game mode which allows you to have how many savegames you want, for example one for every friend or family member, beside yours, BUT that _permanently_ disables posting the score on the Leaderboard ?

The alternative would be to have the game allow small stints of gameplay from scratch, I guess.


3 responses to “Yyaaaaawn !

  1. Just something to consider. Let’s say you are trying to get element “X” and it says you have 1 reaction (meaning you could get it right away) if you were able to restart even temporarily then you could “chase” that element down by checking how far away you are, and then making some reactions and seeing if it brought you closer. (believe me I have debated restarting just to chase down “Roman Empire”…) Not saying whether that’s good or bad, but just wanted to point it out so if it’s not what you wanted you could avoid it. Just saying, if I had the choice to restart either temporarily or a start a separate game, that’s exactly what I would do. Mostly now I just use Wikipedia 😉

    • I partially see what you say, but I think I’ve lost part of the cause of the reasoning (let’s say I just don’t understand ! hehe)

      what’s the interest in going back to track “Roman Empire” if you already are one step from it ? Wouldn’t you just repeat what you have already done and can see by tapping on the elements in the world view ?

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