Close to 800…

… and a little surprise coming up in the next update


3 responses to “Close to 800…

  1. I emailed you a feature suggestion when I thought of it playing the game, but wanted to post here too since you said you were behind on emails.
    Would it be possible to have some type of indicator between the two elements to tell whether or not that combination has been attempted or not?
    Like an X or check mark or something.
    Of course the competitive players should be able to turn it off in the settings, but it will help the casual players get less frustrated.
    It will also save the guessers time when trying every combination and help them remember where they were between play sessions.

    • thank you for posting it here. it’s actually a good idea and I will reply later more in detail.
      For now I think it would create problems with updates and new reactions.
      moreover I think the random guessing can be a tad discouraged with the new update

    • Ok here are some thoughts about it.

      First of all, we could have a poll on the website to see what people think about it. As I’m not playing the game, my ideas could be skewed.

      Secondly, I still have to see if this breaks a bit the update process. Problem is, I should have a way to reset some of the tested reactions when an update comes out. While this is not extremely tricky to do, it would create an unwanted hint for the player.
      Let’s say today you really think that Tree + Astronaut should do something. It doesn’t and it’s marked with a X. The following days you see it as marked and remember not to try it. Then an update comes out including a suggestion from a user that Tree + Astronaut should give a Greenpeace Space Terrorist. This time, you don’t see the X when passing by the two elements and you know that it will give you something…

      The second thing is suggestions. If you mark something as soon as you try it, you won’t give much thought later on perhaps. If you pass that Tree + Astronaut later on and try it again, the chance you will come up with a suggestion for Greenpeace Space Environmentalist are higher (not sure it’s a good thing in this case hehe)

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