Updated [new elements]. New Realms coming up !

Finally squished the radioactive bug and passed 1.3 to the marketplace.

A whole bunch of new elements too !

In the next version, I’m going to split “Events & Places” and “Tools & Technology”, so I can keep adding the suggestions from players. I’m also separating elements in a “Transportation” realm, to organize it better.

Lastly, adding the ‘Prizes’ realm, for very wacky, non reacting further, elements ! In other word, it’s a catch-all for all those funny reactions which aren’t key to the game and can be obtained only if you look at things from a particular angle.

Feel free to leave comments about the new realms, before I actually produce the update.

Do you think the hint system should cycle hints more often ?


2 responses to “Updated [new elements]. New Realms coming up !

  1. I would like to see a list of all the elements on this website [with no hints on how to create them nor which realm they can be found in], then it would give me an idea of what to try to create. I get stuck on what next to try, and with only one hint an hour it can waste a lot of time if I work the hint out in a few minutes.
    Or more frequent hints would be good – remove the one an hour limit, that would be good.

    • I see what you mean. Next update will give you two more hint types:
      – a ‘Suggestion’ on what to look. I’m still not sure whether to give this every 15 minutes, but I think it will go like that
      – a ‘How long before ?’ suggestion. You can ask how many steps you need before obtaining an element. Say you ask how long before obtaining ‘Man’ and the game tells you that you need 4 more elements to reach it. This is free and you can use it as often you want, or maybe very often (every minute or two)

      What do you think ?

      [edit] also be sure to look in the scoring page, you can find some tips on what to look there. You can then track back a bit

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