Scientific ? Scientific what ??

Ok, the general idea of the game is to entertain, but also striking a balance between having fun and scientific accuracy.

Meaning it shouldn’t require you to be Zichichi   (hello !) to play it, but should provide a logical/scientific path all the same.


4 responses to “Scientific ? Scientific what ??

  1. Hmm that’s a hard one. But if you really want to make it scientific you’ll need to change the layout and elements accordingly. But the problem then is that you can’t make it scientific with reactions of only 2 elements. But more elements would make it more complicated for the user.
    I think that you should keep mindless fun a major point in the app. And maybe even funny reactions and maybe add humor. Like jokes about elements or crazy stories about how the elements are created. It would make it a less serious app but more fun 😉

    • That settles it ! Just kidding hehe, but really, I’m finding it easier to balance the two because of the increasing number of elements

      Oh, to help the humor… keep posting wacky suggestions !

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