Prizes and Thematic Realms (please vote !)

There are quite a lot of suggestions and ideas that are very funny and generate rare stuff, elements that are quite strange, but mostly won’t react anymore with anything.

For these, we could create a separate ‘Prizes’ realm (or how to call it ?). These elements would yield big points but once obtained keep themselves out of the game.

Of course once someone comes up with a good way to combine those, we can move out of that realm, the game update system allows to do that.

Your take on this ?


On a different subject, but probably even more interesting is the future addition of  ‘thematic’, optional realms. Like a package system (thanks Fabian) but already included in the game, you can add / remove very specific realms, that will include all the stuff pertaining to a topic.

A few examples could be (please vote your favs)

(some explanations)

– Mithology, with people,events and places. For those that study it or know it well

– Movies (and TV ?). Name or theme of the movie naturally

– Songs. Where you react two elements that hint to the title or lyrics or maybe the band

– Comics, with all the characters. If you’re a fan you would try to find them all.

– Really tough science. Yes, Augusto, that’s for Karst (Carsismo) and Emily, for real Limestone 😀

And so on ?


15 responses to “Prizes and Thematic Realms (please vote !)

  1. Yeah that would be best. Maybe it is possible to make these different realms available like some kind of trophy submenu? Or maybe achievements? Or would even be possible to manage your own realms? Like move them around like the tiles in the wp7 homescreen. And to make your own realms to. Some kind of drag and drop system?

    • The basic idea is to have them as separate, optional, ‘packages’ that you can enable in the settings, maybe after you’ve played the game a bit. The realms would go right after the ones present at the moment and would work pretty much the same way.
      On the other hand, once they’ve been added like this, we could promote them as ‘achievements’, that get unlocked when you find something or reach a certain score.

      Don’t forget the best part (in my opinion) of this game are reactions and elements. The rest is nice and we can work on it, but I’m tending not to make it too complicated. Still, as said above, that’s a good idea

      On the interface part, drag n drop, etc… I’m quite slow with those things, so I’d first fix the ‘core’ part. I’m not a very good interface designer, at least not the fancy parts, you can see that hehehe

      Thanks for the suggestions. The ‘achievement’ mode could be well easy to implement.

      • Ah now i get the picture 🙂 that’s neat. Of course, you’re right About the reactions being the main object of the game and should have that figured out first. Maybe then you can indeed reward the user when he is using the
        Extra realms with Points or achievements.

        And for the achievements I thought something like a achievements tree, so that you need to do something specific first before you can get other random achievements.

        And I assume that the realms that are now used would be the “Core” realms?

  2. Definitely. The game as it is now will remain the core, standard game. From what I’ve heard the farthest people have gone in these first days is 30% with some exceptions. So there is really enough meat to play with and we shouldn’t touch that part too much, especially since I’m going to add quite a few “regular” elements and reactions, mostly from player suggestions.
    Then we can do the extra part. An unlock method would be cool, but then you would have to choose to include them. Think about something like mythology, comics, or movies or exotic food or videogames ! Not everyone would want to play with them, but some will look especially for them…

    Extra points is another part of it. Of course, from what I’ve heard, people are very happy to live without even looking at points (so I’m discarding the penalty discussed earlier and instead introduce a generic hidden timer !) so the competitive nature of the game will be limited even in the future.

    I mean, a Leaderboard could be cool, but most players would have the same fun without it.

  3. Hey love the game and this new idea of putting “fun” realms in, i think it should be a score thing, say once you hit 500 you unlock “Films” and you have the choice to decide if you can unlock any of them in game 4 more score to help unlock the next one, also if/when you unlock a new “fun” realm it should have more to unlock and be harder than the last eg. 1st Tv which has 7, then comics which has 19 and so on till you get to science!!! 😀 Hope you can understand what im saying and thanks on the game! Its the best of its knd

    • Hehe yes, I understand the idea. An unlock mode would be cool, however I wouldn’t want to preclude access to some realms for too long. Meaning that unlocking them shouldn’t be the main challenge but just an addition to the game.

      A realm about urban legends would be hard to build but extremely funny. Then we can include an explanation for every reaction

  4. The fun-realms are really good idea (if they should be between 3-5. I feel sick when I have somethinkg unlocked 😀 )! Like a characters-realm where you can find movie-, cartoon-, comix-characters/superheroes, or known persons (polonium+radium = Marie Curie).

  5. Maybe, at the start we could add a couple more normal realms, split
    Events & Places and Tools & Products, so to have 4 more realms. This is mainly to keep stuff organized and easy to find. If you passed 70% you would see that it can become reasonable, I think and with recent suggestions makes more sense

    Then depending on your score AND some key elements (or just key elements) you would unlock a few realms. For example, superman would unlock comics. Those extra-realms would be available to be activated in a dedicated page. They would come after the normal ones in the normal interface.

    Maybe one other requirement to unlock a realm would be to have every standard realm discovered… ?

    • You can make that a requirement, but what happens then if you actually make a reaction that makes a element in the comic realm like superman before you have all the core realms? I think that it’s a good restriction but to get it really good intergrated might be a problem 😉

      • I might be wrong, but as it stands now, it could just silently fail. Then when you unlock the Realm, you start looking for that stuff.
        Superman could be the trigger to unlock, but I guess you wouldn’t go looking for Magneto before opening the Comics realms.
        Once you open it, you’re notified to go looking for that stuff…
        or not ?

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