New Realms ?

If we keep getting all the -VERY GOOD- suggestions as we are now (in the weekend I’ll try to answer to those that I still haven’t), we might be forced to add a few realms, in order to not overcrowd the existing ones. What do you think ?

We already had in mind to split (minor spoiler for starters) Tools & Products and add something like ‘Transport’…

Any ideas ?


3 responses to “New Realms ?

  1. Maybe a Space realm? with asteroids and stars and the sun? And maybe something like logistics like Sun + Smaller = Star. And otherwise; Star + Larger = Sun.

  2. The space realm would be cool. That leads me to think that if you want and think it appropriate, we could add quite a few more realms. Space is detailed enough, could encompass (blind guess ?) 10-20 elements right now and like Space we could have quite a few more ‘detailed’ realms.
    Only drawback and thing to think about: would the game suffer from too many realms and the player lose focus ? Or would it improve ?

    • I don’t think that the player would lose much focus because of more realms. They should make sense though. But if you have more specific realms it would be easier to see potential reactions.

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