Thanks to every one who sent in suggestions. I’m approaching 300 and two days haven’t gone by yet !

I started reviewing them as they came in, but that became confusing to say the least.
I’m now answering right away the most peculiar ones and review them all after a couple of days or more. I’ll also try to answer to as many as possible of you.

[very late edit] by the way, anybody has an idea how to make a “Circle” or “Void” ?

Found it !


25 responses to “Suggestions

  1. Hiii 😀
    Here I am 😉
    My ideas:

    Life Egg=Chicken
    Chicken Fire or Heat=Chicken Wings

    Love Time=Marriage
    Sex Love=Child
    Elder Child=Family

    Gas Pressure=Planet, Star or something else

    Sound Pressure=Bass
    Sound Computer=Melody or Rhythm
    Bass Melody=Song

    Plastic Explosion=C4

  2. Hehehehe, I have a very nice idea, regarding hell+earth.

    When you find it, a page opens where you’re asked to enter your least favorite place. then it sticks in the game

    • Wow 😀
      That’s nice and I love this idea because its a alternation 🙂

      is there a way to get alcohol ? 😀
      Like … Errrhm …

      Water Heat = Alcohol
      Glass Fire or Heat = Bottle
      Alcohol Bottle = Beer 😀


      Wood Heat = Coal
      Coal Man = Heating or Radiation
      Heating Oil = Oil-fired Heating
      Heating House = Home
      Home Family = Love, Happiness,
      Work Family = Success

      Volcano Mountain = Himalaya
      Himalaya Earth = Asia

      House Metal = Prison
      Prison Time = Liberty or Freedom
      Liberty Statue = Statue of Liberty
      Liberty Earth = America

      • hehehe that’s a nice – and long – list of ideas. Alcohol is in the game, but it’s done the hard way. Almost every alchemy game copied the original way, which was Water + Fire. I don’t know, the first time I played an alchemy game, it seemed a bit arbitrary to me, or maybe I’m just trying to have it more scientifically… wikipedia is your friend in these cases hehe

  3. Maybe a Little Bit crazy 😀

    i don’t know … Is there car in this Game ?

    Pressur Gas = Star
    Car Star = Mercedes
    Mercedes Mercedes = Starwars 😀

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