Play big ! Alchemic phone comes to the iPad (and iPhone)

Hi guys,

After loads of requests and encouragements to port Alchemic Phone to the iPad and iPhone, I finally did it !

Free as always, you can now play on “the big screen” and also have your iPhone friends enjoy the game too. I think they have been teased enough after a year 🙂

You can find it on the AppStore here:
Download free from the AppStore

Keep in mind that having more players (from iOS) will allow me to devolve more time to update the game, on WP as well, and keep it growing.
So, please consider downloading and rating it positively on the iPad/iPhone, even if you already enjoyed it on Windows Phone !

Remember, five stars keep the game growing and evolving !




… managed to update the game !

Thanks everybody for sending suggestions and comments. I’ve had barely time to check the suggestions so I developed a tool that sorts and aggregates them to quickly find the best ones.

For the comments in here, again, I hope I might be able to check them more often. If you have something important to communicate, send an email, please. For now, enjoy the update !

Logic Games Page

Hey, if you want to chit-chat on ‘Logic Games’, here is a dedicated page:

Back from the Holidays !

as some of you probably noted, I have been away for a while not answering posts or comments, we tend to have quite long summer holidays here in Italy !

As for now, I’ll try to take a look and answer regularly to comments or emails, although I have a bit of a tight schedule… and of course keep updating Alchemic


Split Animals ?

As the Animal Realm is quite big… what do you say ?

Spiffy Live Tiles Part 2

Ok, quick update on what’s going on:

* Spiffy Live Tiles.
The one tested in the last few days, will be available as a bonus with the ‘Extras’, for those who want to buy it (cost: 1$). For all the others, you still get the normal Live Tile and everything else you’ve had so far with the ‘Trial’.

* Live Tiles reliability
I think
I’ve improved Live Tiles reliability somewhat. At least I hope, it’s not easy to deal with them, mobile operators and Microsoft bugs.

* Wide Live Tiles at the study
I’ve started working on double-wide live tiles


* Elements
I’m lagging a bit with new suggestions and reactions, but they will come in a short while